About us

    De Smaakspecialist honestly believes in the power of organic nutrition and its positive influence on the health of human and the world. With attention for men, animals and nature we make organic products for the supermarket shelf. The varying brands, one of which being Smaakt, fit within a healthy lifestyle. The pure and organic products are high in their nutritional value, which helps to keep the body happy and healthy. Furthermore, because of the careful, organic production the nature and biodiversity is supported and strengthened.


    The dream of de Smaakspecialist

    The Markdal in Breda. A beautiful piece of nature near the village called Ulvenhout. That is where it all started once. About ten years ago six enthusiastic supermarket entrepreneurs took a chance.  At the office they worked day and night to conquer the supermarket shelves with their beautiful products. Since the organic option was often missing for them. As Teamzes they started and what began then as a hobby grown out of hand, quickly became serious business. And then you have a choice, do you go right or left? While the business grew, ambition did as well. Together they decided that Pieter Dirven would continue as head of the business alone. Not just like that, but with a clear dream in his mind. Discover the complete story behind de Smaakspecialist here!


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