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    Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions apply to all orders that are handled through (webshop of de Smaakspecialist). De Smaakspecialist reserves the right to modify or supplement these conditions from time to time.


    General / Applicability

    By using the website of De Smaakspecialist and/or placing an order, the Buyer accepts these Terms and Conditions as well as all other rights and obligations as stated on the internet site. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, additional terms and conditions may apply to certain services and/or products if explicitly specified. If there are differences between the Additional Terms and Conditions, those provisions of the Additional Terms and Conditions shall apply in principle, unless otherwise specified. Derogations from the terms and conditions laid down in these Terms and Conditions may be made only if it has been expressly agreed in writing and in which case the other provisions of these terms shall remain in full force. If the Buyer refers to his Terms and Conditions, those Terms do not apply unless expressly agreed in writing by De Smaakspecialist. 'Buyer' means any natural person or legal person who places an order through our webshop.


    Offers and conclusion of agreements

    All offers from De Smaakspecialist are non-binding. Our rates should be considered as quotations as an invitation to potential Buyers to make an offer. De Smaakspecialist is in no way bound by this, unless it is recorded in writing and unambiguously. The acceptance of the invitation to make an offer by the potential Buyer is considered an offer and will only lead to the conclusion of an agreement if the other provisions of this Article are fulfilled.

    Offers are made subject to the availability of the products. De Smaakspecialist has the right to supply a similar product instead of the ordered product or to terminate the agreement.


    All prices are expressed in euros, in accordance with the relevant regulations, and include sales tax, including other government charges and excluding delivery and ordering costs, unless otherwise stated in the information relating to the product.

    Any special offers are only valid for the period of validity as stated in the special offer.

    Delivery and order costs are listed separately with the order.

    All prices on the site are subject to printing and typing errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of printing and typing errors.


    When ordering via the internet site, you can pay in the following ways: iDeal and under Cash On Delivery. De Smaakspecialist can expand the payment possibilities in the future. Other payment options will be made known via the internet site.

    Different payment methods and payment terms can only be agreed under terms and conditions to be agreed.

    Delivery and delivery time

    Orders will of course be delivered as soon as possible. The delivery times indicated on the internet site are only an indication and never count as a fatal time limit. De Smaakspecialist can report further information about delivery times on the internet site or otherwise make them known in writing. Such information is only indicative.

    Deliveries take place at the address specified by the Buyer during the conclusion of the agreement.

    De Smaakspecialist is entitled to honour the delivery in sections. The extra costs of the after delivery are borne by De Smaakspecialist.

    In principle, delivery is only in the Netherlands and only these deliveries are covered by our prices and any actions. When the delivery address is located outside the Netherlands, De Smaakspecialist reserves the right to cancel these orders.

    Exchange and right of withdrawal

    The Buyer is obliged to (do) inspect the products immediately after receipt. Advertising in the case of defects in the products shall be carried out in writing as soon as possible but not later than 2 days after delivery. The advertising ring should be addressed to De Smaakspecialist, Luchtenburgseweg 2, 4858 RJ Ulvenhout AC, The Netherlands

    Claims and claims, based on facts which could justify the claim that the delivered product does not comply with the contract, are years after 1 year of receipt from the Buyer.

    If the delivered does not comply with the agreement, De Smaakspecialist is only required to deliver the missing or replacement of the delivered product.

    The Buyer can exchange or return products within 7 business days. In such a case, the Buyer himself is responsible for the shipment and the cost of that shipment. De Smaakspecialist undertakes to repay the purchase costs within 30 days of receipt of the products. The Taste Specialist does not accept open, closed, arrived or broken products back.


    Ownership of products, notwithstanding the actual delivery, will not be transferred to the Buyer until the Buyer has fully complied with De Smaakspecialist in any agreement with De Smaakspecialist, including interest and costs, including previous or subsequent deliveries and any work to be carried out or carried out in this field.

    The Buyer may not tax, sell, resent, dispose of or otherwise retain products before ownership has been transferred.


    De Smaakspecialist can only be held liable for damages attributable to its intent or gross negligence, or arose from circumstances under mandatory legal rules. De Smaakspecialist is never liable for consequential or business damage, indirect damages and loss of profit or turnover.

    If, for whatever reason, De Smaakspecialist is required to compensate for any damages, the compensation will never exceed an amount equal to the invoice value in respect of the product or service causing the damage. The Taste Specialist is never held to damages other than damages other than case and/or persons.

    De Smaakspecialist bears the risk of damage and loss of the products when sending to the Buyer up to the receipt by the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to report a damaged or incomplete order to De Smaakspecialist immediately, but no later than 2 days, in order to retain the right to re delivery.

    Circumstances, which in any case do not come at the risk of De Smaakspecialist are: work strike, workmen exclusion, illness, entry, exit and/or transit ban, transport problems, failure to meet the obligations of suppliers, disruptions in production, natural and/or nuclear disasters and war and/or threat of war.

    The provisions of this Article shall be without prejudice to the legal liability of De Smaakspecialist under mandatory legal provisions.

    The Buyer is required to exempt De Smaakspecialist from any claim that third parties were allowed to make against De Smaakspecialist in the performance of the contract, insofar as the law does not oppose the fact that the damage and costs in question must be borne by the Buyer.

    It is possible that the Taste Specialist on her website includes links to other internet sites that may be interesting or informative to the visitor. Such links are purely informative. TeamZes, De Smaakspecialist is not responsible for the content of the internet site referred to or the use that can be made of it.

    The provisions of this Article shall be without prejudice to the legal liability of De Smaakspecialist under mandatory provisions.

    Force majeure

    In the event of force majeure, De Smaakspecialist shall not be required to fulfil its obligations to the Buyer or the obligation shall be suspended for the duration of force majeure.

    Force majeure means any independent circumstance of its will, thereby preventing all or part of its obligations to the Purchaser. These circumstances include strikes, fire, business failures, power failures, failure or untimely delivery of suppliers or other third parties involved and the absence of any government-obtained permit. Force majeure is also understood to mean failures in a (telecommunications) network or connection or used communication systems and/or are not available from the internet site at any time.

    Privacy scheme

    By placing an order, data is stored in the personal registration of De Smaakspecialist. De Smaakspecialist does not provide any data to third parties, without legitimate reasons, or outside the purpose of its personal registration, which compromises the privacy of the customer. At the buyer's written request, the stored personal data may be provided to him/her for inspection. The corrections notified by the Buyer will be incorporated into the registration. The buyer's personal data can also be deleted on written request.



    The Buyer expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights contained information, communications or other expressions relating to the internet site are with the Taste Specialist, its suppliers or other rights holder.

    The Buyer is prohibited from making use, including the making of amendments, of intellectual property rights as described in this article, such as, for example, multiplication, without express prior written consent of De Smaakspecialist, its suppliers or other rightsholder, unless it is purely for private use in relation to the product itself. All offers and agreements are limited to Dutch law.



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