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    Meel voor witbrood
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    Meel voor bruinbrood
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    GV meel meergranenbrood 900 g
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    Crisp bread multigrain

    Consenza Crisp bread multigrain

    Organic, gluten-free multigrain crispbread with ...
    In stock

    Consenza Ciabatta

    Fancy a something Italian? Then ciabatta is a de...
    In stock
    Rice-corn snack latte macchiato
    In stock
    Crackers raisins/ teff

    Consenza Crackers raisins/ teff

    A high-fiber morning with our gluten-free Consen...
    In stock
    Rice-corn snack with dark chocolate
    In stock
    Butter cake vanilla

    Consenza Butter cake vanilla

    This soft gluten-free buttercream cake is perfec...
    In stock
    Cranberry pecan bars

    Consenza Cranberry pecan bars

    Responsible snacking with consenza cranberry pec...
    In stock
    Whole grain rice macaroni
    In stock
    Multigrain chocolate muesli

    Consenza Multigrain chocolate muesli

    Fancy a tasty breakfast? Then choose our gluten-...
    In stock
    Oats cracker bread

    Consenza Oats cracker bread

    Now try our gluten-free oat crackers. These oat ...
    In stock
    White long buns

    Consenza White long buns

    Fancy a nice warm, fresh sandwich? Then try the ...
    In stock
    zero waste korting
    Fiber cracker bread

    Consenza Fiber cracker bread

    The fiber cracker bread are delicious paired wit...
    In stock
    Tomato soup with chicken pieces

    Consenza Tomato soup with chicken pieces

    Iedereen houdt van tomatensoep, toch? Een echte ...
    In stock
    zero waste korting
    Coconut macaroons with chocolate

    Consenza Coconut macaroons with chocolate

    Try the delicious chocolate coconut macaroons fr...
    In stock
    Corn flakes

    Consenza Corn flakes

    Cornflakes is a delicious meal for the start of ...
    In stock
    Corn cracker bread

    Consenza Corn cracker bread

    Airy corn-based crackers are now available. Cons...
    In stock
    Chicken ragout

    Consenza Chicken ragout

    The classic chicken ragout officially comes from...
    In stock
    Long buns multigrain

    Consenza Long buns multigrain

    Consenza's point baking buns are full of tasty c...
    In stock
    Crispy Chocowafers

    Consenza Crispy Chocowafers

    This crunchy gluten-free snack from Consenza is ...
    In stock
    Mini coconut stars

    Consenza Mini coconut stars

    Mini Coconut stars are a healthier option to you...
    In stock
    Whole grain corn macaroni

    Consenza Whole grain corn macaroni

    Fancy a delicious macaroni? Then enjoy the corn ...
    In stock


    Consenza for gluten-free products

    At Consenza, the focus is on constant transition. We stand for a quality,gluten-free range. Here, Consenza believes that a gluten allergy need not be an obstacle to eating tastefully and healthily.

    Gluten is a protein found in several types of cereals, wheat, barley and rye. It is mainly found in breads, pastas and doughs. In gluten-free products, the grains have been replaced with other nutrients and ingredients. Gluten-free products often lack nutrients that are essential to the body. Consenza takes this into account as much as possible in the production of their products. 

    Consenza has a gluten-free seal of approval and is the most responsible choice on the gluten-free shelf. Consenza products are 100% gluten free. Also, the gluten-free products contain a reduction of sugars, additives, e-numbers and allergens. Like our choco teff fingers. In addition, Consenza moves towards 100% organic products. So Consenza also contributes to the sustainable vision of the Smaakspecialist.  

    Consenza at

    Gluten-free products from Consenza are reliable, honest and of high quality. We also encourage ourselves to keep improving. Such as the removal of faulty e-numbers. Consenza is also making great strides towards becoming the most sustainable gluten-free brand in the Netherlands. From € 25, - free home delivery.

    We also have several other products that are gluten free in our supermarket. Like the award-winning candy bars. The peanut, coconut and caramel bars are organic and gluten-free. 

    At the, we are proud of our honest certificates and hallmarks that we have earned for our brands, products and as a company. B corp, Skal and EKO are a few achievements we are immensely proud of as a company. 
    At Consenza, we are especially pleased with the gluten-free seal of approval; crossed grain. Each product of Consenza carries this mark. The certificates and quality marks that we have obtained are strictly checked against rules, criteria and regulations. In this way we guarantee the quality of our products, but also as a company.

    Our product range Consenza

    Consenza's gluten-free range consists of different types of products, such as soup, bread, crackers and sweets. Currently, all products are 100% gluten-free and consist of responsible nutrients. One of our favorite Consenza products are the cereal bites. The Foodshop also has a variety of responsible crackers, such as the crispbread multigrain. Also try delicious, gluten-free white dots.
    Our brand RAW Organic food has a range that consists mainly of plant-based products. Some of these products are also gluten-free. Finally, RAW organic food also contains many organic recipes.


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