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    Friday 20 February 2021

    Almond Berrie Oats | BioToday

    Are you more of an evening person than a morning person? Then overnight oats have probably passed by before as a solution for your breakfast. But these Almond Berry Oats with homemade jam, goes a step further! A recipe you put in the fridge in the evening and which takes you no time at all in the morning. Because frozen fruit is used, these overnight oats taste extra fresh. Chia seeds ensure that you get a creamy jam. This time with white almond paste, bring on that overnight in the fridge!


    For 1 person.

    Preparation time

    10 minutes & one night sleep.


    Kitchen appliances 

    • Saucepan
    • Bowl


    1. Put the frozen fruit in a saucepan and let it defrost.
    2. Mash the fruit finely and mix in the chia seeds and 1 tbsp maple syrup. If you let this go, the chia seeds will cause a jam to form a little later.
    3. Put the jam in the fridge, or put the jam, as we did, in the bottom of your bowl.
    4. Mix the oatmeal with the almond paste, milk and 1 tbsp maple syrup.
    5. Put a night in the fridge and the next morning there is a delicious breakfast waiting for you.


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