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    Friday 15 September 2021

    BioToday | Koffie-amandel smoothie

    Why choose between coffee and breakfast when you can have both at the same time? We get it, in our daily routine we don't always have the same amount of time in the mornings. But we do want enough energy for the whole day. By pampering yourself with a coffee-almond smoothie, your body is provided with the necessary energy and many healthy nutrients. Moreover, it is guaranteed to make you happy, because the sweet taste of dates is also present here. This smoothie is therefore the ideal start to your busy day!


    • Blender or food processor

    Ingredients Coffee-almond smoothie:

    For 1 person

    Preparation method Coffee-almond smoothie:

    1. Make a cup of instant coffee and put it in the blender or food processor
    2. Add the banana, dates, oatmeal and almond paste.
    3. Mix everything together and your quick smoothie is ready!


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