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    Monday 25 September 2021

    strawberry -lime mocktails

    Mock-tail time! Whether you're looking for a tasty mocktail for a party or just for some refreshment, this strawberry-lime mocktail is always good! It is wonderfully sweet because of the strawberries and our maple syrup. Without alcohol, but just as tasty and festive. cheers!

    Ingredients Strawberry-lime Preparation method

    • blender
    • glasses

    Ingredients Strawberry-lime mocktails for 3 mocktails

    • 150 grams frozen strawberry
    • 30 ml BioToday maple syrup
    • 12 mint leaves
    • Juice of 1.5 lime
    • 600 ml sparkling water
    • ice cubes

    Preparation method

    1. Let the frozen strawberries thaw. Mix the maple syrup with 30 ml of boiled water, so that the maple syrup dissolves well in the mocktail, and let it cool.
    2. Place the strawberry in a blender along with the mint leaves and lime juice and blend until smooth.
    3. Divide the strawberry puree and maple syrup between 3 glasses, fill the glasses with ice cubes, fill the glasses with sparkling water and stir with a straw.
    4. Serve the mocktails with some fresh mint leaves, strawberry slices and lime wedges.


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