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    Monday 16 May 2021

    Fresh apple-cinnamon smoothie | BioToday

    Making a smoothie is mega easy, quick and delicious! With the right ingredients, a smoothie is also very filling, which makes it perfect for a good breakfast! This apple-cinnamon smoothie is high in protein and contains enough vegetables to last you all morning. This smoothie contains apple, pumpkin and cottage cheese, topped off with pomegranate, sultanas and granola. A super tasty fresh smoothie!


    For 2 persons. 

    Preparation time

    Approximately 10 minutes. 


    170 grams of apple (approximately 2)
    200 grams cottage cheese (lactose free, vegetable or standard)
    125 grams pumpkin (frozen or fresh)
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 tbsp BioToday maple syrup
    Optional: BioToday agave syrup

    Kitchen appliances

    Food processor or blender


    Cut the apple into pieces and blend with the rest of the ingredients. If it is too thick, you can add some almond milk or oat milk. Not sweet enough? Then add some extra agave syrup!
    Top the smoothie with granola, sultanas and pomegranate.
    Your breakfast is ready, enjoy!


    This recipe was created by our ambassador FoodbySan.


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