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    Every bite counts! 
    At, we believe that sharing knowledge about food makes a valuable contribution to making conscious food choices.
    Our brand Smaakt makes this possible! Smaakt stands for; 'a revolution in awareness'.  With the knowledge, recipes and approximately 300 products we create with our brand, Smaakt, accessibility for everyone. So you have the opportunity to make a conscious food choice for yourself, environment and your future. 


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    285 Products

    Smaakt Rozijnenmix

    smaakt raisin mix is ​​delicious as a health...
    In stock

    Smaakt Wafelmix

    With this delicious waffle mix you can make deli...
    In stock
    Cake mix

    Smaakt Cake mix

    With this cake mix you can make a delicious cake...
    In stock
    Granola bar citroen maanzaad

    Smaakt Granola bar citroen maanzaad

    Granola is a real breakfast favorite that we can...
    In stock
    zero waste korting
    Granola bar hazelnoot

    Smaakt Granola bar hazelnoot

    Granola is a real breakfast favorite that we can...
    In stock

    Smaakt Lijnzaadmeel

    Flaxseed meal can be used as an egg substitute i...
    In stock
    Spread tomaat-paprika

    Smaakt Spread tomaat-paprika

    This Italian paprika tomato spread is really del...
    In stock

    Smaakt Gerstvlokken

    Barley flakes can be used for making porridge.
    In stock
    Smaakt  Less Carb Bar Citr Maanz 3-pack
    In stock
    Smaakt Less Carb Bar Hazeln Spec 3 pack
    Out of stock
    Smaakt Less Carb Crackerrepen Kerrie
    In stock
    Teff ontbijt bio

    Smaakt Teff ontbijt bio

    Teff breakfast organic is a multigrain mix for t...
    In stock
    Spelt & Lijnzaad cracker

    Smaakt Spelt & Lijnzaad cracker

    With Smaakt crackers spelled & linseed you have ...
    In stock
    Multigrain pancake mix

    Smaakt Multigrain pancake mix

    Who doesn't love pancakes? With this mix you mak...
    In stock
    Vegan Caesar Dressing

    Smaakt Vegan Caesar Dressing

    Do you also love fresh salads? We eat them for l...
    In stock
    Bread crumbs

    Smaakt Bread crumbs

    Bread crumbs made from organic bread. Perfect fo...
    In stock
    Less Carb Tortillas

    Smaakt Less Carb Tortillas

    The tortillas are a responsible basis for a bala...
    In stock
    Flaxceed chips tumeric

    Smaakt Flaxceed chips tumeric

    A delicious, responsible snack as a snack.
    In stock
    Less Carb Flaxseed Chips Chili
    In stock
    Less Carb Bread

    Smaakt Less Carb Bread

    Handy and very tasty! Bread is something we alwa...
    In stock
    Less Carb American Pancakes

    Smaakt Less Carb American Pancakes

    These pancakes contain less carbs and they are a...
    In stock
    Vegan Belgian Waffles

    Smaakt Vegan Belgian Waffles

    A delicious base for a good breakfast or lunch.
    In stock

    Smaakt Pilsener

    Fantastic, organic pilsener from Smaakt
    In stock


    Smaakt product range

    The Smaakt products in the Foodshop range from breakfast cereals to flours, drinks, snacks, vegan evening meals, vegan fresh produce and more.With Smaakt's extensive range of organic products, you have the option of eating responsibly and healthily throughout the day.
    Our products are divided into categories, such as: Less Carb and flours & mixes. In addition, the high-fiber pasta and spelt muesli cookie are two real winners among the Smaakt products.
    Finally, Smaakt products are free of toxic or chemical substances that could affect your health.

    Smaakt at

    Smaakt is accessible and delicious for families, friends or just for yourself. Very easy, fast and simple to order online at Free shipping from €25,-. So stock up your pantry with organic products from Smaakt. Try the complete Foodboxes which are delicious to share with friends and family. By buying products from Smaakt you keep the world livable.

    Smaakt for sustainability

    Because a healthy body is the basis for everything, all organic products from Smaakt are free of added refined sugars, chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. In addition, no animal medicines such as antibiotics, no chemical additives such as flavorings, and no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are found in Saakt. The products are packed in Biobased packaging, which is better for the environment than plastic packaging.
    Smaakt is one of the organic brands of De Smaakspecialist. Besides Smaakt you will also find Biotoday and RAW in the assortment of de Smaakspecialist. There is also a new brand, Consenza that only sells gluten-free products.

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